Software apps built for growers by growers


Technology is helping the cannabis industry “grow” quite literally.GrowBuddy is a software app that is helping cannabis growers by offering an anonymous way to carefully monitor and journal the cultivation process. There are also many social networking opportunities via apps for growers and marijuana enthusiasts alike.

Cannabis vending machines


The tech company American Green has developed a smart vending machine that can cater to all your vices- the future has arrived, buy your handguns, booze, and cannabis here! Stephen Shearin, a consultant for the company says it really up to the vender what they choose to put inside. Thanks to this biometric technology, once you have registered and been validated there is no future need for a human to check your ID or verify age for each purchase.


Online cannabis wholesale marketplace


For years underground marijuana growers have looked to dealers to sell their product, this helped minimize the grower’s exposure, and allowed them to focus on what they did best. Times are a changing and cannabis legalization has offered this position a new and more legitimate title of broker. Technology has also helped improve a cannabis broker’s sales tactic by making the product more accessible.

Tradiv is a online cannabis wholesale platform, that offers a digital brokerage system, making transactions more transparent, fair, and efficient. Companies who embrace technology have historically done better than those who do not. Some are comparing what is happening right now in the cannabis industry to be similar to what occurred in the travel industry when companies like Expedia and Priceline started embracing digital bookings. Because of this Tradiv believes embracing this technology is essential to the future of the cannabis industry, and founder Aeron Sullivan describes the company as being the Amazon of the cannabis industry.

3D Print marijuana edibles? Meet Potent Rope

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 8.55.55 PM.png

3D Printing cannabis edibles…? Sounds like something out of a crazy dream. Could this wild idea really become a reality? The folks at Potent Rope are on a mission to make this a reality.

Potent Rope can print in two different standard sizes on any standard consumer 3D printer. How do they do this, you ask?  Potent Rope is made with a water- soluble thermoplastic polymer that is approved by the FDA. Eating plastic…? You may be asking how that can be allowed or approved by the FDA? However this material is actually very common, and it’s estimated that an average person reportedly consumes about 44 pounds of thermoplastic a year. Thermoplastic is said to be in products like beer, wine, and even teeth whitening strips.

Potent Rope’s printing process also obviously requires cannabis extract. One of the benefits of this product is that the extract can be tailored to the needs of each consumer/patient, by controlling the levels of cannabinoids and terpenes allowing for more tailored product and more accurate dosing.